I have several decor posts in the works (that’s why I have been slower lately) but today just showing a cute little bedroom setup <3


Credits below.

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I started transitioning my land for Fall/Autumn because I got anxious and I love this time of year *.*
Never too soon…. (at least I didn’t start in July/August) :P


I used the coffee house from 8f8 – available at The Arcade for the build. It is the rare item but it’s so worth it, as are all of his gachas. I collected the whole set. <3

The interior is almost ALL Vespertine items, also from Arcade, but the set matched the build so well.

As for the outside, I wanted to set up a sort of hangout/party area and the new’ish stuff from Cheeky Pea worked perfect.


To the credits.

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I feel lazy today. Actually I have been lacking inspiration for a few days but I am trying to get it back <3

Since it’s the beginning of the month all the events have started back up so lots of my items for today are from event venues:


I am really loving this hair lately, it’s long and messy and just seems to fit my mood. It’s available at The Chapter Four along with a lot of other things I spent a fortune on :P

On to the details so I can go drink some more coffee. :D

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I am working on setting up an entire house so I figured I would blog it room by room as blogging the entire thing would be overwhelming. Soooo that being said – decor post from me today :P

I have a thing for tinting all the walls in my house different colors lately. So this first room is more darker themed, tinted brown and I guess serves as sort of an office/wreck room.


I am using a lot of items from the Men’s Dept. I enjoy shopping this event ( yeah yeah I know it’s for the men) because they have a lot of nice decor and home items. In addition I threw in several freebies from the Mingle event that is currently running til the end of the month.

2.11.14 - 2

On to the details and the miles of credits -

Click for Credits <3

1.6.14 – Hey Bartender

I set up a “man cave” to show off the new bar set from Trompe Loeil available at FaMESHed.
Manly rooms are a bit out of my comfort zone but I tried :P

Hey Bartender.

The Dragon & Orchid Home Pub is perfect for a home bar or “man cave” and comes in multiple wood finishes as well as menu driven stained glass that can change to orange or blue based color schemes. The bar comes as one object and the accessories are optional and rezzable individually. I rezzed and set up all the beer and liquor bottles and then linked them together to cut down on prims/land impact. This set also comes with the option to make your own stained glass/window panels and comes with the template to do so. It’s perfect if you wanted to customize your bar to make it more personal.

I wanted to show off the rest of the room as well since it took forever to set it all up -

Man Cave

The airplane set is a gacha from Eleventh Hour available at OMGacha. A few of the pieces are rares but I like sets that don’t require the ENTIRE set to be usable. All the little prop pieces can make for really cute decor items.

On to the credits now, and I spaced them by sections of the room:

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Doing an interior post today, one that I have had finished for a long time now but hadn’t had a chance ( with moving land and everything else ) to post yet. But today I got some free time and since I don’t know if I will post tomorrow ( it’s my RL birthday :D ) I wanted to get this posted today <3


I played a gacha at the Chapter Four to get this build. It is the rare but I got it on the first try so maybe it is easy to get… or I just was freakishly lucky.

I also showed part of the interior in – this post – a few days ago but wanted to show the rest of it:

12.17.13 - Interior

A few things are available at the Men’s Dept, like the bed, so make sure to check out that event. It’s not  ALWAYS just male specific items. After all, what girl doesn’t like cute furniture and decor items. :P

On to the details!

Click For Credits <3


The Men’s Dept opened today for its newest cycle. 
I know I am not a man (obviously) but I always like to check out the event regardless, since they have nice furniture from time to time :D

This time is no exception.

[HANDverk] released a special version of The Eames Shell Chairs for TMD,  in both black and red. They include 7 animations ( for men ). 


I set them up in the corner of the new build from Bishojo, which is a commercial prefab, but I liked the colors a lot so I used it as a little residential backdrop.

I also made my man pose for me to show off a pose that is built into the chair ( my pose is not part of the chair ). 


Here’s all the details, including my outfit specifics -

Decor Details:

Build: Bishojo Decor – Sublime mesh shop

[HANDverk]Shell Chair.black @ The Men’s Dept
[HANDverk]Shell Chair.red @ The Men’s Dept

MudHoney Grafik Rug (texture change)
MudHoney Valentine Branches w/ Heart
The Nest Valentine’s Gift Event February 1-14th

{vespertine- arctic wall-lamps/nanuk the bear} * Former Hunt Item
{vespertine- arctic wall-lamps/konichiwa the crane} * Former Hunt Item

*RnB* Nouveau Shelves – White (Mesh)
21 January – 19 February

Outfit Details: 

Top: MoYaz – Tiffy Mesh top ~ Floral collection – Black
Skirt: MoYaz – Tuffy Mesh Miniskirt ~ Basic collection – Black
Feet & Flip Flops: N-core Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops (Mesh)
Hair: !lamb. The Big Doll House (Mesh) – Ombre & Root Pack
Skin: -Belleza- Ava
Bracelets: MG – Bangles – Damasc – SILVER

A constellation of tears on your lashes…
Burn everything you love, then burn the ashes.